our overseas missionaries


aroma ministries : sri lanka

The Aroma Homes are two orphanages (one for boys, one for girls) run as a partnership between the Fernando Family in Sri Lanka and Fairfield Christian Family, along with many sponsors for the children. Click here to find out more about the children's homes. 

the lovatt family : Auckland N.Z.

Robert serves as the Director of Wycliffe NZ and also the International Ministries Pastor at a local church here in Auckland. It excites him how these two roles merge together so well.   Leanne is working in a local High School in the Foods and Hospitality Dept. Their boys Josh, Simon and Mark have all finished their studies and are pursuing different careers. Mark married Bette in July 2017 and resides in South Carolina. They have a beautiful baby boy named Finley this making them very proud grandparents. 

tanya melody : cambodia

Tanya runs 'The House of Love' in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  The home is located across from a small village where the majority of the kids have been abandoned by their parents and are being raised by tired grandmothers.  The ministry helps the kids with the basics, like brushing teeth, bathing, washing of clothes and removing lice from their hair, but more importantly in discipling them and providing a school of worship.  It provides 40 children, toddlers and babies a safe place to e deeply loved and nurtured as well as building within them Christ-like character to influence the Kingdom of Cambodia.

working in a can...

One of our families work in a CAN (creative access nation) planting biblical churches among the least reached. Some of the work includes being a trainer in an international school and equips house church leaders. They aim to engage the disengaged, equip leaders, multiply healthy churches cross-culturally and in their own culture and transform lives.


Graham and Becky Bee have been itinerant missionaries with WEC since their marriage 16 years ago. They are both involved in Member Care of WEC overseas workers - the  goal is for all to be healthy, resilient and effective in their lives and ministries. This involves regular Skype calls and emails. When workers return on Home Leave or permanent re-entry, Graham and Becky, along with Sending church personnel debrief them and give practical help where necessary.

Becky continues as a Trainer for WEC internationally - in Leadership and Member Care workshops. She also runs intensive Children in Crisis workshops in NZ and Australia. Both Graham and Becky serve on WEC's international Member Care committee, serving to train and resource those seeking to provide MC in their teams. Graham continues to inspire and encourage mission involvement and a bold trust in God as he promotes his book, Unbelievable: Living in the Son.

They are blessed to have three children and eight grandchildren living close by and feel privileged to have regular input into their lives, as well as having much fun together.