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larry adams : power to change - International student ministry (ISM)

Larry is beginning his fifth year with the Power to Change ISM ministry at the University of Queensland (UQ). He is involved in many parts of the ministry including teaching, training, discipling and organising events at UQ. His passion is for missionaries and students alike to shine God’s love to not-yet Christians on our Brisbane university campuses, and by doing so, there will be spiritual multiplication on our campuses. Larry loves to help equip students to be future church leaders or missionaries and to see them lead other students to Christ while they are still in university.

Larry with his wife and two children.


Jonathon also works with Power To Change (formerly Student Life, CCCA) in Victoria, ministering to around 64,000 uni students that attend the various Monash University campuses. 

Jonathon is the National Power To Change Frontline Coordinator, which means that two days a week he coordinates the training of new missionaries as they go through their first two years of training and development (called Frontline). Jonathon's general campus ministry involves discipleship, evangelism, leadership development, strategic thinking and prayer.

Jonathon's other role is the West Asia Partnership coordinator - which entails pastoral care and some administration tasks to care for our Australian Missionaries serving long term in West Asia, as well as coaching our Short Term International missionaries (STINT) and Global Missions team leaders each year. Praise God that this year we have completed one partnership location in West Asia and have moved to a new location! God is at work. 

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David and Marilyn have been with the Canberra Declaration as missionaries of Fairfield Christian Family.  The Canberra Declaration is involved in a David and Goliath struggle to protect Christian values in Australia.  Our five-fold mission is –

To awaken, encourage, educate, equip and unify people
to pray and make a stand for Christian values
for the greater good of all Australians

In support of this mission we -

  • Write and send out Good News Updates to the mailing list of 32,000 every fortnight.

  • Write letters to politicians and make submissions to Government inquiries on behalf of the Canberra Declaration community.

  • Write leaflets to highlight issues and doctrinal prayers to deal with the spiritual strongholds behind the issues.

  • Mobilise and coordinate over one thousand signees who have volunteered through our member surveys to join one of the teams.

  • Attend conferences and gatherings to promote the Canberra Declaration and visit churches and conduct meet & greets to build the Canberra Declaration community.

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