creative ministries

FCF has always endeavoured to be a Spirit-led church and in this we have been blessed by God. Over the years we have had a dance ministry and many creative types who have encouraged and led us in worshipping God in many different ways, using different creative mediums of dance, drama, music, art, stations of the cross and more. 

Each Sunday morning the worship is led by our team of musicians and any of our congregation who are musically-minded are welcome to join. The annual Christmas Fair provides another opportunity for people to join in as we form a choir to lead the community in carol singing! 

Each year FCF does 'Worship in the Round' (WIR), a special evening worship service. The church is usually set up differently to allow people freedom to worship as they wish. It is always a special time where all have the opportunity to meet God in perhaps a different way than usual. (Details of this year's WIR will be posted on the 'upcoming events' page closer to the date).