Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a national debt counselling charity, working through a network of centres based in local churches.  The CAP Money course is available free of charge to the community to help get - and stay - in control of their finances. We run a group course each term, and have several qualified coaches who can meet up with people individually. CAP Money Plus is another program available for those in greater financial stress. Please contact our office if you or someone you know would benefit from this course.

Additionally, CAP offers hope and a solution to anyone in debt through its unique, in-depth service. It also aims to show God's love in action by providing sustainable poverty relief through free debt counselling, advice and practical help. If you are in deep financial stress and debt, please contact CAP Headquarters.

I wish to thank you for all making the CAP program possible. At times we get caught up in our lives that we forget to stop and say thank you to the Lord and others who have touched our lives and made a difference.
I thank the Lord everyday that I was fortunate enough to come across the CAP assistance. Before becoming a CAP client I was so caught up in trying to earn enough money to support myself and my 2 children and pay back the debts I had incurred, It affected my whole life.
CAP has turned my life around, I’m not afraid to answer the phone or open the front door or that my children will have to deal with debt collectors while I’m at work. I can look forward to clearing my debt. My spirit has been lifted, I smile more often.
All this has been made possible thanks to your support, generosity and kindness. It has been the best gift I have ever received.
I thank you for caring enough to make CAP work. My children and I will always remember your kindness and generosity. I feel sure that many more CAP clients’ lives will be changed as mine has.
— Marie